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How does C-Gate work with C-Bus?

The C-Gate Server Software opens a connection to each C-Bus network it is going to manage.

To connect to a C-Bus network, C-Gate opens a connection to a C-Bus PC Interface through a local serial port or a C-Bus CNI (model 5500CN) through a TCP/IP socket connection.

There is a configuration file that tells C-Gate how and where to connect to the C-Bus PC Interfaces for the networks that C-Gate is going to control.
Once connected, C-Gate scans each C-Bus network and builds an object model of the network and the network’s C-Bus units. This model is the base that C-Gate uses for control and monitoring.

Once this initial model is established, C-Gate listens to each network, receiving monitoring events from the network that will update the model with the latest state of the network.

C-Gate receives an event every time a C-Bus switch, sensor or other C-Bus input devoice changes state, or every time a C-Bus Group Level changes.

To ensure the C-Gate model of the network is up to date, the network is periodically re-scanned.

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