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I am using a Desk-top PC.

The Clipsal C-Gate Server is a software suite that monitors and controls C-Bus, Clipsal’s Building Automation System. It has been produced by Clipsal Integrated Systems to allow third party software developers and existing Building Management Systems to interface to C-Bus at a high level, allowing high-speed control and monitoring of C-Bus.

The C-Gate Server Software is either run on a separate server computer or in the background on a standalone PC and uses industry standard TCP/IP interfaces to support:-
Multiple C-Bus networks - connected to a TCP/IP backbone network using TCP/IP terminal servers.
Multiple connections - from one or more front-end or building management systems using TCP/IP sockets.
Simple connection - to web servers for Internet-based C-Bus control and monitoring.
Using the TCP/IP standard opens up the ability to control, connect to, monitor and Internet-enable C-Bus.

Internally, C-Gate builds an object model of the C-Bus devices that it is controlling and monitoring. It uses the smart monitoring features of C-Bus to fully simulate the operation of C-Bus input and output devices. C-Gate can rapidly give up-to-date information about the status of C-Bus without having to poll individual devices.

C-Gate can be used to control C-Bus loads, collect and use information from the C-Bus network(s), noting when buttons were pushed or providing monitoring and control interfaces for a 3rd party building management system that is managing lighting and other building subsystems.

Applications or building management systems connect to C-Gate’s Command Interface and can issue commands (such as ON, OFF and RAMP) and query the status of any object (using the GET and SET commands) in C-Gate’s model of each network.

C-Gate provides additional interfaces for 3rd party applications or building management systems. These interfaces allow a continuous real-time list of events that have occurred on C-Bus to be available. They also enable changes in the programming status of C-Bus units on the network.

Why use C-Gate?
How does C-Gate work with C-Bus?
When to use C-Gate.
Overview of C-Gate and C-Bus connections.
C-Gate Server Mode.
Connecting to the C-Gate Server.
Obtaining C-Gate.

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