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I am using a low-end or embedded PC.

An interface or driver for C-Bus can be provided to simplify the development of applications controlling C-Bus.
There are two options available: -

Windows DLL, suitable for 32 bit Windows operating systems.
Linux Object library, suitable for Linux kernel version 2.4 or later.

The drivers provide the following features: -

Functions to send messages onto C-Bus.
Call-back functions to provide notification of C-Bus events.
Modeling of C-Bus Network Variables, and functions to access them.

The drivers implement the full C-Bus Protocol, including the following C-Bus Applications: -

Trigger Control
Enable Control
Access Control
Network Discovery

These drivers are suitable for any x86 family processor based systems, but for higher-end solutions, the use of C-Gate is recommended.

The C-Bus Windows and Linux Drivers are only available to partners under the C-Bus Enabled Program.

To obtain these drivers, email the C-Bus Enabled Program Coordinator and provide your name and postal address for CD delivery.

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