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My development environment allows me to compile C code

The source code for an interface or driver for C-Bus can be provided to simplify the development of applications controlling C-Bus. The files consist of over 9,000 lines of ANSI C code, called the "C-Bus Modules" which provide :

Functions to send messages onto C-Bus.
Call-back functions to provide notification of C-Bus events.
Customisation features (compile directives) to match the C-Bus Module features to your requirements.
Modelling of C-Bus Network Variables, and functions to access them.

The C-Bus Modules implement the full C-Bus Protocol, including the following C-Bus Applications :

Trigger Control
Enable Control
Access Control
Network Discovery

The C-Bus Modules can be used with virtually any processor, as long as an ANSI C compiler is available. If you have an x86 family processor, you should consider using the C-Bus Windows and Linux Drivers or C-Gate.

The C-Bus Modules are only available to partners under the C-Bus Enabled Program.

To obtain more information, contact the C-Bus Enabled Program Coordinator.

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