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Comfort Control Panel from Cytech achieved certification.

Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd is please to announce that Singapore based company Cytech Technology have been successful in achieving
C-Bus Enabled Certification with their Comfort Home Automation Control Panel.

The Comfort Panel is one of the most advanced yet simple to use security systems available today. You can be alerted when someone is in your garden or driveway. In the event of a break-in or a fire, Comfort can automatically dial-out to phones, pagers or even emergency services to alert or bring help. Comfort has the unique ability of letting you know exactly where an intruder is within your home.

The integration between security and home automation, utilizing Clipsal C-Bus, is one of Comfort's most useful and practical features. When you return home, the hall light can be automatically turned on - no more groping in the dark. When the system is armed at night, the lights can be automatically turned off. All lights, air-conditioning and appliances can be switched off automatically when you leave the house. When there is an Intruder alarm at night, the lights can come on in the area where the intrusion was detected When movement is detected in the garden, exterior lights can be turned on to illuminate the area, and some interior lights can be switched on to give the impression that someone is investigating, even if no one is at home. Comfort's Vacation Mode allows lights and TV to be switched on at semi-random times to give the impression that the home is occupied when you are away.

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