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TAC Asia-Pacific Xenta 913 LON Gateway with C-Bus Driver becomes a C Bus Certified Product.

TAC Asia-Pacific is the provider of Building IT solutions and services. To achieve this TAC have developed a range of products based on the LonTalk protocol. The Xenta 913 provides translation between LonTalk and other protocols used for Building Management. This allows the integration of multi-vendor systems such as chillers, lifts, fire alarms, energy metering and now lighting with a Clipsal C-Bus interface.

The Xenta 913 can interpret commands on the Local C-Bus network whether originating there or arriving from remote networks.

The Xenta 913 can handle all Lighting Application commands and can work with up to 10 different Lighting Applications.

The Xenta 913 has already been used with the C-Bus interface in the commissioning of the Building Automation of the new Brisbane Magistrate’s Court in Queensland, Australia.

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