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The PC Aqualine Pool/Spa Controller now has a certified C-Bus interface that provides full 2 way communications for control and monitoring. Jandy PC Aqualine in Sydney, Australia has been manufacturing the Pool/Spa Controller since 1999. Features and typical functions of the interface include:

  • Direct 2 wire connection to C-Bus without the need for a 5500PC PCI as part of the installation.
  • The controller clock used to schedule pool maintenance can be synchronized with a centralized clock used on the C-Bus network and other automation devices.
  • The display on the controller has 6 different temp parameters that are also broadcast onto the C-Bus network. These values can be displayed & used with a Colour C-Touch or PC software such as Schedule Plus
  • The touch screen or a PC can be configured to provide local override/ control of the pool and spa equipment from a convenient location within the home.
  • Additional remote pool or spa equipment can be linked via the use of the C‑Bus network.

This C-Bus Enabled Pool/Spa Controller can be obtained through many Pool Builders around Australia.

For further information contact Jandy PC Aqualine

Phone: (02) 9899-2722
Email: info@aqualine.com.au
Web: www.aqualine.com.au

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